Disneybounding...and Beyond!


  • Stephanie Mann

  • Valerie Sacchetti

  • Anika Dane

  • Cassandra Lease

We'll be discussing Disneybounding, a brief intro as to what it is, and then chatting about how, why, and who. There will be more details the closer we get.

Gaming 101


  • Tracey Michienzi - Co-Organizer of ELS Game Day

  • Savannah Camacho - Co- Organizer of ELS Game Day

Want to get into board games or table top RPGs but aren't quite sure where to start? Do you get easily overwhelmed by game days? Do terms like “d12” and “crit” confuse you? Join the women of ELS Game Day as they talk terms, games, and helping others try gaming in a way that makes them comfortable

Wonder Woman - Bringing the Past into the Future


  • Donna Martinez

  • Juliet Kahn

Wonder Woman was created with classical mythology at its center and with the upcoming 'Wonder Woman: Historia', the Amazing Amazon will return to her roots! Diana of Themyscira will also be revisiting the totally radical 80's in 'Wonder Woman 1984', the sequel to her 2017 blockbuster film. Join us as we discuss what's in store for the future of the world's most famous super heroine!

Fandom Online


  • Anika Dane,

  • A.J. O'Connell author and blogger for Book Riot

  • Karen Walsh info sec specialist and blogger for Geek Mom

Fandom exploded into the spotlight with the coming of internet and social media. From message boards to Twitter, Livejournal to Tumblr, to Archive of Our Own, My Space to Soundcloud, and Usenet to Amino - join us for a brief history of online interactions among fans, and sometimes creators, including safety tips and positivity hacks.

Queer Manga


  • Morgana Santilli, Manga Reviewer and Former Manager of Comicopia

  • Juliet Kahn, Comics Journalist and Sales Associate at Hub Comics

  • Lexi Lockwell, Sales Associate at Comicopia

Literature for, by, and about LGBTQIA+ individuals is more and more prevalent in North American publishing, and manga is no exception. Join Lexi, Juliet, and Morgana as they cover the history of queerness in manga, from the origins of boys’ love and yuri, to geicomi, to autobiographical manga like Nagata Kabi’s My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness, or chi’s The Bride Was a Boy. There will be discussion of what makes a story queer, who the audiences are for these various types of manga, and who is creating them.

Depiction and Treatment of Women in Popular Culture


  • Avram Baskin

  • Robin Brenner, teen librarian at the Brookline Public Library, cosplayer, and presenter on depiction of women in comic books

From Wonder Woman’s old role as the secretary of the Justice Society of America, to female super heroes drawn in anatomically impossible ways, to the sexist trolling of Kelly Marie Tran, Daisy Ridley, and Brie Larson, there is a long history of unfavorable and demeaning depictions and treatment of women in popular culture. The panel will discuss these issues, progress that has been made in recent years to provide more favorable depictions and role models that women of all ages can identify with, and what still can be done.

Con Survival Tips

  • Katt Ciampa

  • ChinMo Crawford

The hosts of the ConQuest podcast offer up our tips for the best ways to make the most of your convention going experience!