Mad Rupert

Mad Rupert is a comic artist and writer. She has been neck-deep in the online comics scene for over 9 years, and authors two ongoing webcomics. She has also worked with many comic publishers, including First Second, Boom! Studios, and Oni Press, on projects ranging from comic adaptations of popular cartoons to original graphic novels. When she's not making comics, Mad enjoys spending time with her husband and small angry dog, going to the gym, and playing Minecraft. She is most active on Twitter, where you can find links to most of her comics and content


Tana Ford

Tana Ford is a Hugo award nominated comic book artist whose indie work earned her a Queer Press Grant in 2010. Tana finished her first major graphic novel LaGuardia earlier this year with writer Nnedi Okorafor. The first time Tana teamed up with Nnedi was to create a Venomized Black Panther in Marvel's Secret Empire. Tana has drawn for New Warriors, The Amazing Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek, Jem & the Holograms, and Gwenpool, though she is perhaps best known for her work on Marvel's Silk starring Cindy Moon.


Ming Doyle

Ming was born in Boston in the Fall of 1984 to an Irish American sailor and a Chinese Canadian librarian. In the Fall of 1991 she saw a million ducks and predicted the Harry Potter franchise's formula for success with startling accuracy. She has worked on titles including Constantine, DC’s Anatomy of a Metahuman, and The Kitchen, soon to be a major motion picture. She is currently working on art all night and every day and would probably love an espresso.


Mildred Louis

Mildred Louis is a freelance comic artist and illustrator based out of Los Angeles. After studying animation at Sheridan College, she quickly discovered her love for storytelling. Flash forward a couple of years and a number of frustration filled days over the delay of Sailor Moon Crystal, she decided to simply say screw it and make her own Magical Girl comic. And from there – Agents of the Realm was born. She’s had the great pleasure of working on a number of titles, including Invader Zim and Rick and Morty: Lil’ Poopy Superstar. She is now planning to release the many, many, many other comic projects that she’s had to put on the back burner for years.


Joe Quinones

Joe Quinones is a comic artist and illustrator. He has worked on Spectacular Spider-Man, America, Howard the Duck, and more. He is currently drawing DC’s Dial H for Hero.